ID Question
1 We are used to solid copper neutral conductors, can we receive any detailed info on the tinned concentric neutrals? Do you make solid copper neutrals as well?

2 Are your power cables copper conductors Oxygen Free?

3 Where can I find an Handling/Installation guide for your products?

4 The US Navy needs the reels to be made from heat treated wood and stamped with an HT stamp, can we meet their reel specs.?

5 Our consulting engineer wants to know more about the FR (Fire Rating) on your 35kV UL1072 cable

6 What is the ethylene content of the elastomer used in the EPR insulation compound?

7 Does your EPR compound contain any TR-XLPE?

8 What`s the PE level in EPR compound that you`re using for the EPR insulated cables?

9 We`ve received a 2 year old 35kV cable - what`s the "shelve life" on the Medium Voltage cables?

10 On the MV105 cables what is percentage of copper tape overlap ?

11 How can I get a reference list?

12 I would like to be considered as Manufacturer`s Rep., who do I contact?

13 What is your recommended lubricant material?